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What To Wear To Look Slimmer

Clever dressing does not depend on your budget, or on your silhouette. In case you have difficulties in finding out how to dress slimmer, we will teach you some great tricks in order to achieve a gorgeous, sleek figure by choosing the right clothes that match your body type. A clever way of dressing means being able to select the right color, texture and cut that will optically knock off a few pounds from your shape. Intelligent dressing can create the illusion of a longer and slimmer silhouette. However in order to achieve the best results, you have to learn some practical fashion tips that will allow you to find those pieces of garments that suit you and make you appear slimmer.

Every woman struggles with weight problems at least once in her life, therefore learning a few smart tactics about how to dress in an advantageous way, to elongate our figure, is a useful thing to start with. What is crucial in dressing is to find those items that are suitable for your own silhouette. You want to find clothes that emphasize your feminine curves and smartly hide those that are less advantageous. Regardless of the shape of your body, the following tips will help you to match your outifts in a clever way by turning your trouble spots into benefits. Look at our ideas below and find inspiration in how to dress to look thinner and feel great in your own skin:

  • Wearing clothes with vertical lines and patterns is a great way to create the illusion of a slimmer upper body because eyes will naturally follow the direction of these stripes so they will have a vertical movement.

  • Big-busted women can opt for V-neck tops or blouses. These pieces can do miracles, nicely elongating your body, mainly those with ¾ sleeves.Try to avoid boat necks and round necks, these cuts only make your boost look even more prominent.

  • Try wearing the same colors from top to toe. This is a great trick to optically stretch your body, because there will be no interruption in the colors, just a single vertical line. Bright colors only add extra volume to your body, whereas dark, neutral colors are always a better choice if you want to have an elegant and slim look.

  • The length of skirts is very important if you want to create a streamlined silhouette and want to give extra hight. The idea is to opt fot the most flattering cuts for your body shape. A-line skirts are absolutely great choices to slimline your legs. The most favorable length for a hemline is the knee-length or just above knee-length.

  • Putting on heels is one of the most evident ways to create a longer and slimmer figure. Besides the fact that these convey a super feminine, sexy and sophisticated look, heels will add a few extra inches to your height. If you are not comfortable with high heels that doesn’t mean you have to wear flats all the time. Try lower heeled shoes, and you’ll see that these will make a huge difference to your legs and to your whole posture.

  • Avoid jeans or trousers with large pockets. Jeans with clever stitching create a visually thinner illusion and willl slim down the bottom.

  • Choose well-fitting, heigh waisted jeans. Never buy too tight or too large jeans or trousers and avoid low-cut pants. Tight, skinny jeans will accentuate your belly by creating a so-called muffin top, while high waisted pants elegantly hold your tummy in. Streched clothes will draw the attention to the fact that your clothes are smaller than they have to be. On the other hand, jeans that are one size larger than the normal size you wear, make you appear bigger in them. Our advice is to go for straight-cut trousers or boot-cut jeans that fit comfortably and look fabulous on you.

  • Big bold patterns add width and volume to your body, therefore it is better to put them aside. Instead, opt for smaller patterns that flatter your shapes and suit your personality.

  • Well chosen accesories can distract the attention. Complete your look with chic and stylish accesories and focus the attention to those spots on your body, which are the most beautyful. If you want to keep the atttention on your face or on the upper half of your body, instead of your prominent bottom, put on some trendy necklaces or earrings that match your face and make others focus on your gorgeous eyes.

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