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Summer 2010 Swimsuit Trends

Choosing the right bathing suit can be a tricky business as it means taking into consideration various elements. First of all, you need to consider your body type as a bathing suit must flatter you and emphasize your qualities. Then, essential are your personality and taste. Last but not least, trends can help you decide upon the right bathing suit model. For summer 2010, you have plenty of models where to choose from and different colors from white and black to strong, metallic colors and different prints.

This summer, choose swimsuits in vivid, fresh, strong colors or different prints if you want to draw the attention on the beach. On the other hand, if you go for a simple, plain comfortable swimsuit you shouldn't worry as you'll still be trendy. When it comes to swimwear for summer 2010, everything reflects personality, confidence, refinement and seduction.


One just cannot get enough of retro style. And this is the truth, as every season retro fashion has a big influence upon all trends including swimwear. Cotton pieces, oversized sunglasses and one piece swimsuits with halter straps are perfect if you are looking for a glamorous, classy retro look. In this case retro doesn't remind us of granny's wardrobe, but rather of a pin-up girl's look. You can try a '50s style swimsuit that offers a lot of coverage, which makes it the perfect choice for curvier figures. Take a skirt over and choose chic accessories to complete the look.

Sailor style

Every summer, sailor style is found in various clothing items and accessories. Still, it has the power to reinvent itself in so many styles and shapes. Navy style means horizontal sailor stripes in combinations of white, blue, red, beige and black, different details, signs and accessories that remind us of a relaxing vacation on the beach.

Anchors, shells, ropes, rings, bracelets, necklaces, handbags and belts. If you want to get a youthful and fresh look, sailor style swimwear is for you. Pay attention when choosing horizontal stripes as they might widen your silhouette. For a total navy look, take a loose dress with sailor stripes over your swimsuit, a sailor hat and a pair of platform sandals.


Hippie style made a strong comeback this summer reflecting an effortless, yet feminine and sophisticated look, and putting everyone's imagination to the test. Hippie style swimwear means playful, flirty prints. Therefore, it perfectly represents the idea of vacation and freedom, making it the right choice if you want to spend a relaxing day at the beach. You can choose one with Liberty floral prints. You can take over a long bohemian dress or a short jumpsuit with floral prints. Don't forget to accessorize your look with a headscarf worn in the genuine hippie style, oversized sunglasses and a straw handbag.


Greens, khaki and bronze are still very trendy this summer when it comes to swimwear trends. Military swimsuits are found both in two-piece or one-piece style, becoming appropriate for every body shape. Even though we are talking about colder colors, in different combinations, khakis and browns represent a very original and unique choice for a day at the beach. You can choose simple, minimalist models, but also more glamorous, sexy ones. Make sure you take your aviator sunglasses and ripped outfits. A pair of khaki shorts with flat sandals and a loose, green t-shirt can be the items that can complete your military look.

Sporty style

Sporty style swimsuits are the perfect choice for tonic women. They are comfortable, offering the necessary freedom to move. However, even though they reflect a sporty attitude, they also emphasize femininity due to some refined details. Mostly made from cotton and Lycra, with simple cuts, sporty swimsuits work great for boyish figures. When going to the beach take a cotton jumpsuit over your swimsuit and a fedora hat.

Animal prints

As we have seen, prints are one of the hottest trends this summer. And don't forget that a spectacular swimsuit always will draw the attention away from different body imperfections. Therefore, an animal print swimsuit can make you look slimmer and trendy in the same time. Also, animal prints can make your small chest look more generous. You should choose animal prints only if you feel comfortable wearing this type of swimsuit. If you do so, you'll certainly be a spectacular appearance.

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