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Preppy Fashion Style

Preppy fashion style is a clean and neat style that follows the rules of classic matching. The general preppy look is a natural one, without to much makeup, high heels or mini skirts. Most important accessories with this style are : gloves, scarves, cardigans, hair accessories and last but not least, the casual sweater, wrapped around the shoulders. Learn how to follow a preppy fashion style with the following tips!

Preppy fashion style has its roots in the private university-preparatory schools in New England, a very conservative environment. It became very popular in the 1950s and have never really gone out of style. The preppy fashion look can be imitated if you follow a few basic rules. You can draw your inspiration from the Ivy League style or from the upper-class' favorite sports, such as tennis, polo, cricket, golf, rugby or sailing.

Preppy Attitude

Preppy means, first of all, attitude. Not snobbery, but self-confidence. Prep is more than a style to follow, to study and learn, but rather a natural thing that one is born into. Generally, preps are cheerful persons, very social, always smiling, but without looking fake. Preppy is always about etiquette. Therefore, an authentic prep should have good manners and be considerate.

Essential Elements

A preppy style does not accept any deviation from its most important rules: neatness, class and elegance. So, forget about your casual clothing and replace them by classic, elegant and clean-cut ones.
Preppy clothes are made from natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and cashmere, and the colors used are mostly pastel colors.

  • ribbon belts

  • oxford shirts

  • polo shirts

  • cotton tees

  • shirt dresses and pastel color chinos

  • cardigan sweaters

  • brightly colored pants, capri pants, cropped pants

  • shift dresses and pleated skirts

  • J. Crew bathing suits, and many more.

  • True preppy clothes can be bought from places like Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, J. Press, Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer.

    When it comes to shoes, preppy girls always wear:

  • ballet flats

  • moccasins/top-siders

  • ribbon/canvas flip-flops

  • simple leather high heels and wedges

  • rainbow sandals

  • Accessories are crucial for a preppy girl's outfit. Gloves, hats, scarves, bows, ribbons and headbands in preppy colors, prints and patterns, purses, tote bags, nails, and lipstick are always in perfect match.

    In order to pull your preppy look together you should not forget about jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings, grandmother's jewelry, classy earrings, rings, bracelets, and nice pretty necklaces.

    Minimal makeup and minimal hair styling - a preppy girl should always look fresh and natural. The hair is impeccable, combed, smooth or styled with perfect curls. The essential preppy hair accessories are: ribbons tied in a cute bow, headbands, hair-clips.

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