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Petite Womens Clothing and Fashion

Knowing what styles work best for petite women can be quite challenging. Read on all the secrets to finding the best clothing for petite women and get all the petite women's clothing and fashion tips for women with tiny stature.

What is Petite Clothing

Petite clothing refers to a range of clothing made for short women in the size of 5'4'' and under. The main difference between regular and petite clothing is that the length of the petite garments are shorter. Tops, skirt, jackets are all shorter in length and pants have a shorter rise.

Clothing manufacturers and retailers that expand their collections and make petite clothing lines started to increase over the years and the selection for petite women is instantly growing to meet their customers needs.

Petite women usually have a small frame with narrow shoulders and small foot size. Petite women can be both slender petites as full figure, plus size petites.

Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Fashion Tips for Petite Women
  • Wear tops with vertical stripes, vertical seam lines and V-necks as often as you can, as these will create the illusion of height for shorter framed bodies. But avoid wearing vertical stripes.

  • Always wear the size that fits you, never too tight are too large. Clothes that are too big will make you look even tinier than you actually are.

  • Buy slim-cut pants with a higher waist. Tucking shirts and tops in will further elongate your figure.

  • Skinny jeans are great alternatives for petite women as these lengthen the legs. Choose skinny jeans in darker colors like blue or black.

  • Be aware pants with turn ups, baggy pants or which cover your shoes entirely. These all can make you look shorter.

  • To take the attention away from your petite figure, choose outfits and garments that draw attention to your upper body and your best features: waist, shoulders, a nice cleavage, etc.

  • If you love wearing dresses, opt for shirt dresses that will also complement your tiny frame.

  • Being a petite person wearing shorts can be flattering but also disastrous if not chosen right. Search for the perfect pair of shorts until you find the most flattering pair.

  • Wear monochromatic outfits. Wearing the same color from top to toe will create the illusion of height. But try to avoid big graphic prints as these won't flatter a petite figure.

  • You don't have to stay away from strong colors, as these can be very flatting especially worn with black and white pieces.

  • What Petite Women Should Avoid:

    For the ideal body proportions you should avoid wearing:

    - big, chunky jewelry
    - oversized bags
    - long maxi dresses
    - dresses that hit above the knees
    - oversized sunglasses

    Shopping Tips for Petite Women

    Never shop for clothes at the Junior or Kids Department!
    Although it might seem tempting, the truth is that the clothing won't flatter the petite women's figure.

    Sometimes off-the-rack garment doesn't fit properly, since manufacturers work with averages and but because everyone has unique shapes and figures, none of us is truly average. Find yourself a good tailor or learn how to do minor alterations for the perfect fit.

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