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How to Wear Sheer Blouses

Sheer fabric is back again and is one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2010. Designers presented on the catwalks different ways of wearing sheer fabrics, from the classic and simple see-through blouse and dress to layers and draping. Wearing your sheer, feminine blouse on a night out with your friends is the easiest thing ever. The problem rises when one feels like wearing it for the office. The sheer blouse can be a tricky business, depending on its level of transparency. But, you don't have to worry, because with a few pieces of advice and some smart tips and tricks, you could wear your new trendy sheer blouse with confidence.

A sheer, see-through blouse can be the key element for a perfect feminine and elegant outfit. The most important trick in order to make this item wearable is to cover something, but not everything! This means that you must choose a suitable blazer, a fuller bra or apply pockets in the over-exposed areas. You could also wear two layers of sheer tops or choose a blouse that has only a few sheer parts.

  • Sheer top and boyfriend blazer

  • Depending on the level of transparency, the sheer blouse can be appropriate for a day at the office giving a classy look to any outfit. If your blouse is too transparent, you could choose a stylish blazer, even a boyfriend style, or another smart covering such as a vest.
    Think of an outfit that includes a sheer shirt with a beautiful black bra matched with a boyfriend blazer, a black draped skirt or a pencil one and a pair of high-heels. For a more daring approach try to unbutton the blazer.

  • Sexy lingerie and suitable undergarments

  • For a feminine and sexy look, choose to wear your sheer blouse with sexy lingerie, such as a bra with full cups and straps. In this case, make sure you pair it with a high-waisted skirt or pants to not have the feeling of showing too much skin.
    For a more bold appearance choose a colored bra underneath. On the other hand, if you still want to keep a classy, yet modest look that doesn't necessary attracts unwanted attention, you can add suitable undergarments under the blouse. For a more office or school look, the see-through long-sleeved blouse should be worn with a basic camisole or tank under it.

  • Layers of sheer

  • If you just don't want to wear you sheer blouse with something on top or you are simply looking for a more romantic look try to wear one sheer item over another. This is one way to wear the sheer fabrics without exposing too much. Take your two favorite see-through blouses and wear them in the same time. You'll be surprised of the amazing result. A sheer plain top and a beautiful breezy blouse with floral prints works great with a pair of pants. Nevertheless, try to choose two blouses that have similar colors so they can create the illusion of a continuous piece.


  • For the weekend you can pair the sheer blouse with jeans and a long-sleeved tee

  • For a night out wear it with a strapless camisole

  • For a casual, day look team the blouse with a nude camisole or a tank top underneath

  • Whenever buying a sheer blouse check the fabric

  • Choose a blouse in a darker color that can be worn both by day and by night

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