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How to Wear Leggings

Leggings have made a huge comeback and there is no surprise why. They are a great fashion accessory meant to underline femininity and style. Learn how you can wear leggings so you can look your best.

Learning how to wear leggings is a must as they are one of the hottest comebacks of the year. Leggings are retro fashion pieces originating from the 80's which, due to their fashionable and comfortable look and feel have managed to work their way back into fashion. Suitable for winter as well as summer wear, leggings are definitely a must have item which every woman should own.

How to wear leggings

There are a variety of leggings style to suit all preferences, styles and season. Women have different body types and preferences this is why different styles of leggings have been created. The fabric used to create leggings can be thicker for winter use and thinner for summer. The leggings can vary in length from ankle length to below the knee length. Also the style of the leggings varies from simple black to lace appliques, studs and different prints.
Wearing leggings is not an easy thing as the tiniest mistake can turn your outfit from fabulous into disastrous in an instant. To wear leggings properly try to:

  • assort them with tunics as tunics are hot and combined with leggings an extraordinary feminine outfit can be created. Make sure the tunics have a length that covers your hips and rear end

  • choose cute casual chic dresses to match with leggings as this combination is very feminine and suitable for different occasions

  • choose a masculine style shirt that covers your hips and use an oversized belt to emphasize your waist. Opt for a gorgeous pair of leggings and high heels and you'll look stunning

  • opt for heels when you are wearing leggings for more formal occasions as this will give your body a gorgeous posture. You can choose pumps, over the knee boots or booties. For less formal occasions you can opt for flats like gladiator sandals or ballerina flats

  • avoid wearing tight T-shirts with leggings as this might not lead to a good result. Your outfit will appear all too tight. Opt for a looser T-shirt that covers your hips instead

  • avoid wearing your leggings as pants. Leggings are not pants and should not be worn so. They are an accessory which will make you look stylish

  • When to wear leggings

    Leggings are absolutely fabulous as well as versatile so they can be worn for different occasions from casual to semi formal. For casual occasions pair the leggings with a cool trendy hip long T-shirt, a pair of flats and a hip lengths baggy off the shoulder blouse. For less casual occasions you can opt to pair your leggings with an above the knee chic dress. The leggings must define your style so make sure all the fashion articles you've chosen collaborate beautifully.
    Keep in mind that the right accessories can make your outfit look stunning so make sure to choose carefully.
    It is very important to make sure the leggings suit your body type as not every woman will be able to wear leggings. Make sure you feel comfortable wearing them and you will radiate beauty and style. If you run out of inspiration when it comes to mixing and matching, inspire your outfit from your favorite celebrity fashion style and you'll look fabulous.

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