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How to Dress for Your Skin Tone

Each woman wants to emphasize her physical assets as much as possible. Paying special attention to our make-up, hairstyle and manicure is imperative in order to have an impeccable look. But choosing the perfect clothes that match our skin tone is equally important when trying to highlight our best features.

Choosing the perfect colors for our clothes might not seem like a difficult job but without a proper knowledge of how our skin tone determines what kind of colors suit us our choices might prove to be less than perfect to say the least. The truth is that in order to make proper choices we must take take into account our body shape as well as our skin tone. While our skin tone might have unique characteristics every skin tone fits in one of the four main categories that are named after the four seasons: spring,summer,autumn or winter skin tones.

Spring skin tones
Spring skin tones is characteristic for women who have a light complexion. The skin usually has subtle golden undertones with creamy white or peachy hues and the skin color usually has ivory or light pink hues. Women that naturally have golden blond, strawberry blonde, ash blonde or light to dark blond hair color and blue or green eyes usually belong to this category.
Women who have a spring skin tone usually look best in warm colors particularly orange-based colors. Coral, peach, golden yellow, scarlet red, light green or pastel hues definitely suit them. Darker colors such as turquoise, navy or gray or soft brown hues are also excellent choices. Very dark colors are usually not recommended for this skin tone.

Summer skin tones
Summer skin tones are considered cool skin tones that have pink, red or blue undertones. The kin is usually light-colored being characteristic for natural blondes and brunettes with fair complexion. The recommended colors are soft and neutral such as pale blue, pale yellow, dusty pink, lavender, plum,burgundy or mauve. Earth tones appear dull on people with this type of complexion so they are not recommended. Also vivid colors, orange tones and black don't flatter this skin tone so they should be avoided as much as possible.

Autumn skin tones
Those who belong to this category have a warm skin tone. The skin usually has golden undertones,pale peach, yellow undertones, golden-beige or orange tones. This skin tone is characteristic for redheads with hazel eyes, women with brown hair and brunettes that have brown eyes. Typically, Asian women fall in this category. For women with an autumn skin tone earthy and golden tones, colors such as camel, orange, dark brown,olive, warm red or mouse green and warm grey represent the best choices. It is advisable to avoid colors with blue tones such as navy or indigo that will give you a a pale appearance. Bright vivid colors and black and white are also among the wrong choices for this skin tone.

Winter skin tones
Winter skin tones are also known as deep skin tones. Similar to the summer skin tones, the winter skin tones are usually characterized by pink and blue undertones. However, very fair complexion as well as dark skin tones belong to this category. The skin can have olive and beige tones and those who have a winter skin tone usually have dark colored hair. Those who have a dark brown, black or auburn hair color and brown eyes most definitely belong to this category. For those who belong to this category the recommended colors are usually dark and contrasting. Deep brown,emerald green,mahogany, purple dark blue or charcoal grey as well as teal or magenta work great. Neutral tones however, don't compliment this skin type.

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