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How to Determine Your Body Shape

Most of us have heard that one of the most important rules when it comes to dressing stylish and fashionable is to keep in mind our body shape and making selections based on it. However, most of us are not exactly sure if our perceptions are quite right. Find out a few easy way to determine your body shape to be able to make informed choices every single time.

Making flattering choices when it comes to style depends to a great extent on whether you are able to choose the clothing style that most flatters your body type or not. Discovering and embracing our body shape is extremely important in order to be able to find the most flattering clothing options . While most of us tend to have a vague idea of the body shape that most describes our features , making some measurements can be extremely useful to be able to make sure that we make the best decisions.

It's a well known fact that body types fall into various different categories such as hourglass, pear shape, apple shape, inverted triangle, rectangle, diamond. To be able to make some accurate measurements you should begin by standing nude in front of a mirror with the arms extended out, to be able to tell you approximate body shape. Take this step even further and making more accurate measurements. You will need to read the measurements in three different spots: chest area, waist and hips.

You should begin by measuring the circumference of the chest by starting to measure from the middle of the bust line. It is also important to remember to exhale before recording each measurement to be able to make a more accurate measurement. The measurement should continue at the waist making sure that you place the tape above the belly bottom by at least an inch. When you measure the hip area, make sure to place the measuring tape at the widest points just above your gluteal muscles.

After recording the results of each measurement it is time to sit down and interpret the results. If your shoulders are more than 5% larger than your hips you have a triangle body shape. On the other hand if your hips are larger compared to your shoulders by more than 5% you have a pear shaped body.

You will know that you have a rectangle body shape if the difference between your shoulders and your hips is less than 5 percent, and your waist size is at least 25% less than the largest value recorded.

If you are not willing to engage in complicated math you should take into account a series of simpler principles. For example if there is little difference between your shoulders and your hips you have a rectangle body shape.

On the other hand, if you waist measurements are significantly larger compared to your hip measurements you have an apple shape. If the hips are larger than the waist size you are a pear shape. If you have a small waist and the difference between shoulder and hip measurements is slim you are truly fortunate as you have a hourglass body shape which is considered ideal.

The purpose of finding out what your body shape is to learn how to highlight your best features while at the same time drawing attention from and camouflaging the areas that make you feel self conscious. Even though it might take some practice finding the right style of clothing items and highlighting the areas that most compliment you becomes a lot easier if you keep in mind some of the basic principles and recommendations that are made for your specific body type.

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