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How to De-Emphasize a Large Bust

Women with a generous bust line can sometimes have problems when it comes to choosing outfits due to the fact that it can be quite challenging to create an adequate balance between the upper and the lower part of the body. Knowing some of the several strategies that can be used to create a harmonious body line can have a strong impact on our choices, helping us create a more flattering overall image.

Although big breasts are usually considered an attractive feature, many women have trouble finding outfits that create an adequate equilibrium between the upper part of the body and the lower part of the body and as a result, they can end up frustrated with the way they look. Creating adequate proportions is a core rule when it comes to style, as it is one of the surest way to make flattering choices for any body type.Learning to emphasize our best physical attributes while downplaying the features that stand in the way of creating the image we want for ourselves takes time and practice but as long as we know a few tricks that can help us make better choices, the process tends to be a lot simpler. Here are a few strategies that can be used to create a less prominent bust line:

Choose a good supporting bra : Taking time to choose the perfect bra is one of the basic things that can have the strongest impact on the overall image. Contrary to popular belief, push up bras offer an excellent support without adding bulkiness or visually increasing the size of the chest. Good options for those women who are really self conscious about the size of their breasts are also minimizing bras.

Invest in high quality pieces that fit you well and make sure that the bras you purchase offer you enough support. Looking for a wide rib cage support and a full cups is a great strategy that can not only make you look better but can also minimize back pain.

Avoid heavy patterns around the chest area: It's a well known fact that certain patterns should be avoided by those who have big busts. Horizontal stripes, bows and heavy ruffles are two fairly obvious no-nos for big breasts. However, women with big breasts can get away with wearing ruffles if the ruffles help create a vertical line and they don't add extra width.

When it comes to creating a flattering cleavage you should have the same principle in mind. V necklines and open collars work great for big busted women precisely because they help elongate the upper part of the body. Make sure that you choose clothes that fit you perfectly rather then wearing loose fitting clothes because otherwise you will do yourself a big disservice.

Take advantage of the layering technique: One of the most effective ways to minimize the size of your chest and create a more interesting and elaborate look is to use the layering technique. This is one of the best options you can use to create professional looking outfits. A nice fitting blazer can immediately balance the frame and create a better proportion by creating a better body line and emphasizing the entire upper body part not just the bust line.

Balance the lower body part appropriately Although you might make excellent choices when it comes to the de-emphasizing the bust line in the upper part of the body, in order to get a balanced look you must make sure that the choices for the lower part of the body are equally flattering.

It is advisable to avoid pencil skirts and tight fitting pants as they will most likely draw unwanted attention to the upper part of the body in an unflattering way. A line skirt styles, straight cut and flared pants are a much better alternative because they create an adequate proportion instead of being too contrasting compared to the upper part of the body.

Choose the right accessories: Accessories are a very important when it comes to creating an interesting outfit so choosing the right style of accessories is critical especially for accessories on the upper part of the body.

If you want to accessorize you outfit by wearing necklaces you should do your best to avoid short necklaces that fall close to the upper part of the the neckline. Instead, you should choose layered necklaces that will help create a more vertical line and that won't emphasize the bust line area in strong way.

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