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How to Choose the Right Skirt Style

A well-chosen skirt can totally change and balance your figure. Comfortable and elegant, a beautiful skirt is the perfect choice for work or for going out. Even if you find it hard to choose the right skirt for your body shape, there are a few tips that could help you hide your flaws and enhance your best features.

According to your body shape and the problems you have to deal with, you have to learn how to make the right choice whenever buying a clothing item. A skirt makes no exception to this rule as a well-fitting skirt could help you become a special appearance, while a wrong option could totally ruin your look.

Love handles

Love handles are probably one of the biggest problems that women around the world have to face with. That unaesthetic flabby skin at the side of the abdomen can be reduced by a healthy eating habits and a lot of exercise. But, for those who are not into strict diets and severe exercise there are a few tips on how to choose the right clothes in order to hide this prominent part of the body. Dealing with love handles is not easy as they make it hard to choose different clothing items such as a skirt.

If you confront yourself with this kind of trouble, buy an A-line skirt, as it masks very good the hips. Choose skirts made from light fabrics and wear them with tops just above the hips. A-line skirts are the perfect option for women with wide hips, as they make the waist look thinner, by keeping a romantic and feminine touch. Match it with flat or high-heeled sandals or shoes.
Avoid cone-shaped skirts as they fit tightly and only emphasize your shapes.

Belly bulge

Excess belly fat is a real problem for many women and it can cause frustration and insecurity. Therefore, choosing the right clothes to conceal belly bulge can become a serious struggle. If you want to look good and hide belly bulge, opt for a low-rise skirt as it covers half of the belly, or a mini-skirt that draws the attention away from the waistline. Match your skirt with a shirt with a longer girdle. This will have a slimming effect and it will cover the belly.
Avoid elastic waistband skirts that can make you look larger, or skirts that fit tightly as they emphasize body imperfections.

Short legs

If you want to make your legs look longer go for a skirt ending just below the knee or a long skirt and high heels. The skirt must cover the shoes in order to give the illusion of height. You can wear two tops one over another so your back line to look longer due to the division into fragments. A waist belt would also work. Choose a long, airy skirt for maximum elegance and comfort.
Avoid oblique medium skirts, as they don't lengthen and only make you look shorter. Also, stay away from long skirts worn without high-heels.

Prominent buttocks

A flared skirt will give an elegant S-shape to your round buttocks. A cone-shaped skirt, with a corset effect can be the perfect choice for you. Pair your skirt with a shirt that covers your buttocks. This will help you hide and reshape your bottom by giving a nice, feminine shape.
Avoid straight-cut skirts or A-shape skirts.

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