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How to Choose the Right Jeans

Jeans became an important item in everyone's wardrobe. It's easy to wear and it looks great as long as you know what pair to buy so you hide figure flaws and emphasize the qualities. Learn a few tricks on how to choose the right pair of jeans according to your body type and you'll be able to adapt them in every situation, on every occasion.

Every year, denim is reinvented by fashion designers. You have plenty of choices and possibilities where to choose jeans from: flare cut, boot cut, skinny jeans, straight leg, wide leg, high rise or low rise, and many more.

As long as you know how to accessorize them, jeans can be worn in every possible way. The easiest way is to match it with a blouse, a jacket and a pair of high-heels to lengthen the silhouette and feminize the outfit. If you are more in the sporty style opt for a pair of ballerina flats. Jewelry is also very important. To complete the outfit take a necklace and a beautiful bag.

Best jeans for petite women

Best jeans for petite womenIf you are petite and rather thin, a pair of slim or cigarette jeans will suit you the best. If you are petite you should avoid boot-cut jeans because they can make your legs look shorter and your thighs look heavier.
Also, stay away from cuffed boyfriend jeans.
Straight leg jeans could also work, but try to choose a darker wash, rather than a lighter one.

Best jeans for tall and thin women

A pair of skinny jeans would be more suitable. This will give the illusion of a more curvy figure, drawing attention to hips and thighs. For a higher and rounder butt, opt for jeans with rear pockets. A lighter color will make you look a little bit heavier.
If you have a flat butt, a pair of jeans with flap pockets or higher pockets will give the impression of a lifted butt.

Jeans for plus size women

Jeans for plus size womenIf you are a plus size figure, opt for a relaxed fit pair of jeans which will allow you to move at ease without being too loose.
Avoid baggy jeans as they will make you look heavier, and jeans with small pockets as they will make your butt look bigger.
If you have wider hips, opt for jeans with a slightly high waist and flared bottom. This will help you balance your silhouette. Look for a straight leg or a trouser leg so you create a longer-looking leg line.
If you have large buttocks, choose a more loose fit. Avoid pockets with embellishments or embroidery and look for smaller and simple pockets. Heavy embellishment and distressed detail on the back would only draw unwanted attention.
For women who have a little belly, the high-waist jeans are recommended. Wear it with a big belt that will perfectly hide your love handles.
If you have larger thighs, go for bootleg or flared jeans. This will help you balance your figure. Avoid skinny jeans.
As for the color, black or dark wash jeans are the perfect option, and they will make you look thinner.

Tips to choose the right jeans

  • Stretch denim is not always the right choice as it can make emphasize some flaws in case it's too tight.

  • Distressed jeans, in a wrong place, can emphasize a wide hip or a heavier thigh.

  • Avoid buying a size smaller as it will give you the “muffin look”.

  • Don't buy the old-fashioned version of the high-waist style.

  • Focus on the “fit” rather than the “size”.

  • For a short waisted figure choose low-rise jeans, while for long waisted choose a higher waist.

  • The lifetime of jeans is about two years. Do not wash over 30 degrees, since jeans are made primarily from cotton and tend to relax when wearing it. If you wash them at a too high temperature, it will deform more. Jeans should be washed after being worn once or twice.

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