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How to Choose Clothes that Hide Flaws

Your wardrobe should contain only things that flatter you. Therefore, you should choose wisely whenever buying something and start learning how to sort out your clothes. Be realistic and pick out clothing items taking into consideration your body shape and size. This is the only way you can look your best and camouflage all the unwanted flaws.

When it comes to choosing the right clothes a woman should always consider several things. But, the most important one is her body shape. This should be the starting point whenever buying something to wear. Always keep in mind that with clothes that fit you and flatter your body, you'll feel more confident and sexy. Here are some of the most common body issues a woman needs to confront with and the solution to these problems.

Large buttocks and hips

  • For this type of problem extensible fabrics are the best solution. Choose high-waisted clothes that cover half of your buttocks. Darker colors are perfect if you want to look slimmer, while bright colors will draw the attention to the clothes rather than on your figure. Avoid white!

  • Go for well-fitting pants at thigh level and slightly flared at the bottom and avoid straight-leg and tapered pants. Capris are great as they will make you look thinner and they will lengthen the silhouette.

  • Dresses and skirts should be flare. Choose soft materials rather than stiff ones.

  • As for jeans, try to choose ones that have simple pockets and avoid those with too many pockets and embellishments. Also, avoid jeans that have large pockets as they will only draw unwanted attention to your buttocks.

  • Wear high heels and pointed toe shoes.

  • Narrow hips
  • You need to create the illusion of roundness. Your best options are high-waisted, long or bohemian skirts, empire dresses and flared pants. Avoid straight-cut pants that will only emphasize the narrowness of your thighs.

  • Try dresses with ruffles and tiers. Ruffles are perfect as they make your hips look fuller and sexier and will add feminine curves to your figure.

  • Pleated skirts don't flatter everyone as they tend to add volume to the hips. However, for those with narrow hips they are the right choice.
  • Short legs

  • Choose high-waisted pants and skirts. Also you can try the flared pants. Shorts are also a great option instead of the ones ending at the knee, which will only make your legs look even shorter. The same rule can be applied for skirts.

  • Jackets and shirts should be short and try to avoid longer items.

  • Low-rise jeans, tapered and flare jeans will only shorten your figure. Replace them by jeans with a higher waist and straight-leg jeans.

  • Replace pumps with ankle tie with heel strap shoes such as wedges. For longer legs make sure that the color of the shoes merges into the one of the pants.
  • Short torso

  • Wear low-rise skirts and pants in order to lengthen your torso. Avoid everything and anything that cuts down your waist. Choose straight and flared pants and skirts. Clothes with vertical stripes will turn your short torso into a longer one.

  • Tops should pass your natural waist and have a V-neckline. You should know that short sleeves are not the best solution for you. Therefore, three-quarters or full-length sleeves will give the illusion of elongating the torso. Wear un-tucked tops.

  • Long torso
  • If your legs are shorter than your upper body you'll have to choose clothes in order to create the illusion of longer legs and shorter torso.

  • Choose skirts and pants with wide girdle and wear them at your waist and not on your hips. With a dress or a high wrap-over skirt you could draw the attention to your waist.

  • Go for straight skirts and straight or boot-leg pants. As for the tops and blouses, the right items should be short to medium long and worn tucked-in. Also, try to wear high heels.

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