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Find Your Signature Fashion Style

Ever wondered how some celebrities always manage make the best choices when it comes their fashion style? The answer is actually very simple: they have managed to find a style that represents them and they learned what are defining elements that make contribute to the success of any outfit. Learn how to create your own signature style with a few basic steps.

While fashion trends have valuable contribution in helping us make decisions when it comes to our wardrobe, the value of having a signature style has never been underestimated. A signature style is the single most important thing that has the highest influence on our confidence as far as fashion related decisions are concerned. Once a signature style has been established everything from deciding what to wear in the morning to finding the most suitable items when we go shopping for clothes is greatly simplified.

Once you have clear idea of what you are looking for and what looks the best on you are no longer forced to go trough the tiresome process of trial and error that often delivers unsatisfactory results. Here are a few helpful guideline that can help you find your own fashion style:

Learn what works best for your body type: Our body shape offers the most important clues when it comes to what types of clothes work best for us. Each body shape has different characteristics and based on these characteristics we should learn to make the best choices. Decide what are the main physical features that you like to emphasize the most and which ones you would prefer to camouflage.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want and what suits you, you can learn to make informed decisions when it comes to your wardrobe. Make sure that the clothes you pick highlight your best assets and your confidence in your appearance will immediately increase.

Pick the best colors: Choosing the colors that suit you the most is an easy step that you can take to update your look and find your signature style. The main factor that decides whether a certain color is appropriate for you or not is your skin tone. Generally, skin tones can be classified into warm skin tones and cool skin tones.

A further classification can be done depending on the sin undertone. A simple method to determine whether you have a warm skin tone or a cool one is the jewelry test. If you look better with golden jewelry you most likely have a warm tone whereas if you look better with silver jewelry have a cool skin tone. Once you discover what your skin tone is you have taken a step further in creating the perfect wardrobe and creating your personal style.

Analyze your personality and lifestyle: Your personality is the ultimate factor that determines your choices. Your personality is the one that dictates what are the clothes you feel most comfortable in. You should establish whether you like a casual style, you like feminine outfits or if you like to stick with a classic and elegant style.

Of course you should have clothes that match every occasion and you should consider the types of outfit your job requires but ultimately you should choose the types clothes that you like the most. Your lifestyle should not be neglected when you decide on the purchases you want to make: there's no point in choosing clothes that need constant ironing if you hate ironing or to choose clothes that can be dry cleaned only if don't afford it.

Consider this factors every time you go shopping for clothes or else you will be faced with the unpleasant situation of purchasing a certain item and never actually wearing it.

Have fun and try to constantly find ways to update your look: Just because you managed to find out what works for you doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment with other styles or that you should step out of your comfort zone once in a while and try totally new and outrageous combinations Always try to take your style to the next level and don't forget to use accessories to define and emphasize your outfits.

Draw inspiration from the best dressed celebrities or find style icons that you like and learn a few tricks from them. Remember that the search for your signature style is a continuous journey and make the necessary changes once you discover that a certain style does not define you anymore.

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