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Fashion Mistakes that Can Ruin your Look

Whether we like it or not the truth is that we are being judged mainly based on our appearance, at least the first time we meet somebody. Fashion mistakes can be pretty damaging when it comes to social life so make sure to avoid some of the following beauty blunders.

Fashion mistakes are often made even without realizing. Whether we are talking about hairstyle, makeup or fashion any minor slip-up can have a devastating effect over your look. Being overly eager to sport various fashion trends or on the contrary, not updating your style enough can often result in embarrassing faux pas.

Perhaps some of the most common mistakes that can be made is wearing too many trends in a single outfit. Although it might seem like the fastest way to stay on top of the trends, the clashes between styles can often lead to eye-catching results yet in a negative, unflattering way. Similarly adopting a trend that does not reflect our personality can make us look less confident and comfortable, therefore less attractive. Here are a series of additional style mistakes that could negatively impact you:

Not adapting your style as you age. Although certain fashion choices have an undoubtedly timeless manner as we age our style be altered in order to compliment us. Failing to spot the changes and adjustments that need to be created can often make you look older. Moreover this mistake can be relatively hard to spot since we are so used our own style we find it hard to change it.

Looking for style updates ideas in fashion magazines or taking style notes by observing someone whose style you admire are just two of the ways in which you can correct this mistake. If you are thinking about a style makeover don't forget to experiment with a new makeup style and getting a new hairstyle as well.

Building your outfits around a single color. A strategy of this sort can often be the result of overestimating a few basic pieces in your wardrobe. Although a certain hue that matches your skin tone can be an excellent choice , when worn excessively it can make you look dull, especially if it is not accessorized adequately. Avoid falling in the trap of thinking that certain colors don't work after a certain age. Most of the time is just a matter of choosing the right hues.

Bad fit. Purchasing clothes that will fit if you lose a couple of pounds or clothes that are not your size thinking they can hide problematic areas is a more common mistake than we would like to admit. Clothes that fit you are undoubtedly the best choice especially if they emphasize your curves in a subtle yet noticeable manner.

Denim on denim. Although jeans might be a basic wardrobe staple, a denim outfit is certainly not the best choice as it can make you look overly casual being rarely flattering for anyone. Moreover this type of outfit is almost impossible to accessorize being rather dull. Combining different textures is not that difficult yet the results can be truly impressive.

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