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Eco Fashion Guide

The sustainable way of living is a huge hit both among Hollywood celebrities as well as for ordinary women who understand the importance of making a change in their lifestyle. A better understanding of the principles that are at the base of eco fashion is a good first step in helping us make better choices.

The popularity of the eco friendly lifestyle is rapidly expanding as people begin to realize the impact of their daily habits on the climate changes. Conservation efforts are the primary focus of the environmentalist movement and these efforts refer to all the aspects of our life. While most of our clothing items might seem unimportant when it comes the effects over the environment a more careful analysis can reveal a frightening reality. When we consider the production process with all the electricity and chemicals used as well as the pesticides used for producing natural fabrics, the transport and distribution carbon footprint we begin to realize that the apparently harmless habit of shopping is much more complex than it might appear at a first glance.

Eco fashion has emerged as a way of minimizing the overall carbon footprint of the process of production as well as making clothing items safer and more available for the average consumer. Nowadays there are several brands that offer eco friendly clothing but in order to make the best choices we must understand what are the things we should look for when purchasing green clothing. Here are a few guidelines for creating a greener wardrobe and avoid green washing when shopping:

When shopping for sustainable clothes you might get confused with all the terms used and as a result you might find it harder to know what to look for. Cruelty free and vegan, sustainable or low carbon footprints are some of the main terms used by those who try to advocate certain products as being better for the environment. Cruelty free or vegan products do not test products on animals or harm any animals in way.

One example is vegan leather which is basically artificial leather that allows you to look fashionable without harming any animals in the process. For this reason eco fashion generally takes a stand against fur clothes or any accessories that cause animal suffering in the process of production. Stella McCartney is one of the designer that strongly advocates for cruelty free clothing and has designed numerous clothing items and accessories that respect this principle. Recently, Stella McCartney teamed up with Adidas for a cruelty free line of shoes and other sports accessories.

Sustainability refers to the fact that the production certain product can be done without harming the environment and preferably from renewable sources. Organic cotton, bamboo and hemp are considered to be the main fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Bamboo has received a great deal of attention lately due to the fact that is a highly fast growing plant thus a renewable source, can be cultivated without pesticides and it seems to have certain antibacterial properties as well.

Unfortunately some manufacturers took advantage of the popularity of these statements and used them as an opportunity to to mislead consumers trough green-washing. There are several products that although are advertised as being made out of bamboo are actually made of rayon. Rayon is an artificial fiber similar to bamboo that relies on a variety of toxic chemicals for its production being bad for the environment. Experts claim that one of the ways in which bamboo can be distinguished from rayon is by paying attention to the feeling of the fiber. If the material feels silky soft it is probably made out of rayon.

Clothing items produced locally generally have a much lower carbon footprint compared to ones that are produced in other countries. This is another important criterion that should influence our decisions when trying to green our wardrobe. Also, we should not forget that enriching our wardrobe with classic vintage clothes is another good way to reduce our carbon footprint and perk up our style since they don't require additional resources for production. Purchasing basic items that you will use regularly to create interesting outfits and making the most of the items you already own is one of the best ways to help the environment and to get your money's worth.

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